All our puppies have dual registrations with the AKC and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA.  These are the ONLY two acceptable registries for Cavaliers in the USA.  Do not buy a cavalier puppy with any other registry!

Puppy Buying Tips:

If you are ready to add a puppy to your family we are very happy to visit with you either in our home, by email, or by telephone, and promise to answer all of your questions regarding Cavaliers.  Do not buy from a pet store, backyard breeder, or puppy mill.  You might feel sorry for the darling little puppy in the pet store, but walk away.  Pet stores buy from puppy mills and back yard breeders and their prices are just as high as those from a solid, well-respected breeder.  You could end up with a lot of problems and you would be supporting Puppy Mills.

A responsible breeder breeds for good health first and foremost, as well as type, temperament and conformation to the breed standard.  A responsible cavalier breeder does health testing for hips and patella at 2 years, hearts and eyes annually with veterinary specialists and usually shows her dogs. Responsible breeders belong to at least one breed club and maintain meticulous records on their dogs and puppies.   A responsible breeder will ask you many questions as well.  She will want to know about your family, home, work schedule and lifestyle so that she can help match you up with the best puppy for your family.  In fact, you will most likely become friends with the breeder you choose because she will stay in touch with you throughout your cavalier's lifetime.  

Most importantly, you must find a breeder you trust, then buy a puppy.  You might have to wait a number of weeks or even a few months but don't be impatient.  When you have a confident, adorable, healthy little cavalier (who will look and act like a cavalier when it's grown), you will be glad you took your time to find the right breeder!

I follow the Breeding Code of Ethics of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.  

I am a proud member of The American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, The CKCS Club USA, and The CKCS Club UK.